Grand Celebration Grand Canyon Helicopter Picnic Tour

This Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters Grand Celebration helicopter tour is the crown jewel of all Grand Canyon sightseeing tours... book now to get your great price on this world-famous Grand Canyon helicopter tour adventure!

This Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters tour is easily the most popular of all excursions to the Grand Canyon. Your exciting jet helicopter flight will show you stunning aerial views of Hoover Dam, the Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge spanning Black Canyon and the Lake Mead National Recreation Area before arriving in style at Grand Canyon West.

You will fly 4,000 feet below the Grand Canyon's Rim as you descend passing through millions of years of geological time soaring past its towering stone buttresses and columns bathed in an ever-changing kaleidoscope of colors. The colorful canyon walls have preserved a remarkable record of the Paleozoic Era, dating back from 250 to 550 million years and beyond.

Upon landing at the very bottom of the Grand Canyon on a private plateau at the banks of the Colorado River overlooking its breathtaking tranquility you'll step out back in time to enjoy a champagne picnic with refreshments and have time to explore the awe-inspiring grandeur that is the real Grand Canyon. This Grand Celebration tour is truly a sightseeing experience unlike any other!

Cheap Prices From: $429 per person
Tour Operator: Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters
Tour Duration: 4 - 4.5 hours
Departure: Las Vegas
Destination: Grand Canyon West
Tour Includes:

  • Breathtaking panoramic views of the Hoover Dam, Grand Wash Cliffs, Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, Lake Mead, Mojave Desert, Grapevine Mesa
  • Grand Canyon landing 4,000 feet below the rim
  • An unforgettable champagne picnic next to the Colorado River with time to explore
  • VIP EC130 helicopter with luxurious comfort and wraparound windows
  • Multilingual in-flight tour narration and choreographed music
  • Round trip transfers from most area Las Vegas Hotels
Hoover Dam helicopter tour en route to the Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon helicopter tour with picnic landing